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Atomic Research and Arketype offer a full-scale research + creative approach to help strengthen your organization from the inside out. We call this process MISSION TO LAUNCH. Now you have access to the combined power of comprehensive research + creative solutions. HR + Marketing leaders can achieve data-driven growth within their organizations.

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Integrated HR + Marketing Solutions

Employee research is currently one of the most valuable yet underutilized tools for developing growth strategies for businesses. Too often employee research is conducted within the silo of the Human Resources department as a separate initiative and rarely examined within the context of research with external marketing research. Atomic Research and Arketype are on a mission to eliminate this disconnect and strengthen organizations with aligned strategies for overall growth.

HR and Marketing Venn Diagram
HR and Marketing Venn Diagram


Arketype + Atomic Research will help you move from a mission statement on your wall to launching effective communications that propel your mission into actionable, measurable programs. Our Mission to Launch research + creative approach is a comprehensive 5-step process to drive holistic growth throughout your organization.


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Mission to Launch

Our 5-Step Process

Process Chart
Process Chart

This process results in engaged employees, positive customer experiences, valuable market insights and opportunities, effective internal and external communication tools, competitive awareness, and tracking programs to continuously improve.

This is the future of marketing communications.

With research + creative, we can create data-driven business strategies that deliver positive cultural momentum.

Create a positive impact on your company today.


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